Wireless Broadband

How does it work?

N3 delivers internet via wireless line of sight technology and so installation is quick as it does not require the digging of expensive cables, ducting and cabinets etc. N3 operates a 1Gbps leased line terminated at Retford Enterprise Centre, Retford.


What equipment is needed?

We will provide you with all the equipment for getting you online.

On the outside of your property...

On the outside of your property you will have a small receiver that will be located on your roof or wall, pointing at one of our masts. A network cable will then be routed into your property back to where you would like your router installing.

On the inside of your property...

On the inside of your property you will have a wireless router. If you find that the wireless signal from the router doesn't reach parts of your property where you need it, fear not! We can supply and configure the powerline adaptors which use your existing electrical circuit. We sell these at £60

which includes installation and configuration. If you think that you'll need these then please add this into the comments section on your order form.

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